Saturday, 3 November 2012

Princess Academy-Book Review

    It has been foretold by the priests of the lowlands that the prince's bride-to-be will come from the remote territory of Mount Eskel. The girls of the mountain, however, either work in the quarry or, in Miri's case, tend to the goats. None of them are cut out to be princesses, but what choice do they have? Before the prince comes to visit and choose his bride, all eligible girls will attend an academy to prepare for the life of a lowlander princess. While at school, Miri faces competition between the other girls to be academy princess and she's torn between the desire to be chosen and the desire to stay a girl of Mount Eskel. But when danger strikes, it's up to Miri and her wits and courage to save herself and her classmates.
     Look no farther than your hand, Make a choice and take a stand. In The Princess Academy, Shannon Hale begins each chapter with a phrase like the one above. I chose this phrase because I think it represents Miri in a way. She chooses unique and simple ways to solve problems and she'll do anything for her friends and family. Once again Shannon Hale has amazed me with her writing. She uses excellent description and her ideas are unique and creative. I love the fact that the whole story takes place on the mountain, because I think it's interesting that so much happens on the mountain. One of the themes in this novel is to be courageous. Miri is constantly having to stand up for herself and others and Miri's the one who has to save the day when danger strikes. 

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  1. Hi Jami, I came across your blog and thought the title was very creative and the background was cool! Your free reading challenge was extremely creative and I was amazed at the level of detail you put into it. I also really like your book review. I have previously read the Princess academy and I think you really captured the essence of the book. :)

  2. Jami, I think your Blog Really Reflects Who you are and I thought that your Free Reading Challenge was Very Creative. Your Review of Princess Academy was Really good, and Now I think that I am going to read the Book for My Next Review because yours has Inspired me.

    1. Thank you very much! :) I'm glad I was able to inspire you :)

  3. Jami, when i first saw the cover of the book PRINCESS ACADEMY on your blog, i was not sure if it was a good book or not, but after i read your book review, you showed me how great this book is and how much you liked it and it also made me want to read it. i especially enjoyed how you added the phrase; look no farther than your hand, make a choice and take a stand, because i thought it was very pretty, how she wrote it, and very unique because i have never seen a book like that. i also thought that your free reading challenge was AMAZING! when i first saw the picture without reading the words i thought that you went out and bought the bird. your level of artistic ability is very amazing and i wish that i could be able to do something like that! i'd like to thank you for writing that beautiful book review because i really enjoyed reading it and i cant wait for your next one also. i also hope you put as much effort as you did in this free reading challenge as your next because i really really really liked it. your AWESOME! XD

  4. Jami, great review, i really thought that you had a great understanding of this book, and showed a great perspective of not just the book, but also the character. I felt you really had a connection with Miri, and enjoyed your review.

  5. I love this book! I read it when I was 10 :D