Saturday, 3 November 2012

Princess Academy-Hawk

        For this Litspiration Challenge I chose to carve a hawk from a bar of soap. The hawk was based off of the hawk Peder carved for Miri in the Princess Academy. The hawk is what saves Miri at the end of the book. 

Princess Academy-Book Review

    It has been foretold by the priests of the lowlands that the prince's bride-to-be will come from the remote territory of Mount Eskel. The girls of the mountain, however, either work in the quarry or, in Miri's case, tend to the goats. None of them are cut out to be princesses, but what choice do they have? Before the prince comes to visit and choose his bride, all eligible girls will attend an academy to prepare for the life of a lowlander princess. While at school, Miri faces competition between the other girls to be academy princess and she's torn between the desire to be chosen and the desire to stay a girl of Mount Eskel. But when danger strikes, it's up to Miri and her wits and courage to save herself and her classmates.
     Look no farther than your hand, Make a choice and take a stand. In The Princess Academy, Shannon Hale begins each chapter with a phrase like the one above. I chose this phrase because I think it represents Miri in a way. She chooses unique and simple ways to solve problems and she'll do anything for her friends and family. Once again Shannon Hale has amazed me with her writing. She uses excellent description and her ideas are unique and creative. I love the fact that the whole story takes place on the mountain, because I think it's interesting that so much happens on the mountain. One of the themes in this novel is to be courageous. Miri is constantly having to stand up for herself and others and Miri's the one who has to save the day when danger strikes. 

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The Goose Girl-Book Review

    It was her aunt who told her the most wondrous stories, taught her to speak to the swans, was her closest friend and was always there for Ani to confide in. Now her aunt is dead, and so is her father. Nothing is left to stand in her mother's way to send her to the neighboring country of Bayern, where she will wed the prince. The three month journey doesn't go as planned and soon Ani finds herself as nothing more than a commoner knowing that if she shows herself, she will be killed. Along the way to regain her title as Crown Princess Ani meets new friends and discovers whom she really is all while disguised as the King's goose girl.
     Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Shannon Hale has woven a tale filled with rich description and excellent characters. She's one of my favourite authors for several reasons one of them being that her characters are so real and easy to relate to (in both The Goose Girl and The Princess Academy). From the moment I first started reading to the moment I finished I was entertained and interested, the action rarely ever slowed and when it did I was never bored.  Especially at the beginning of the novel Hale pulls at your emotions and I felt like crying when the main character lost so much. The constant theme throughout this novel is to be yourself. From the moment Ani was born she was told what to do and how to do it. She tried so hard to be her mother even though the two were nothing alike. It takes transforming into the King's goose girl and becoming friends with those she never expected for Ani to realize who she truly is. I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it for anyone in grade four or older because there's some content they may not understand.

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