Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Inside Out-Peer Review

 *For those of you wishing to read this book I sincerely apologize for the spoiler you will find at the 
beginning of this paragraph. I felt the need to include it because it helps to provide evidence.*

     The elements Julia chose to include in her book review of Inside Out were theme, foreshadowing and characterization. She thought the two biggest themes were overcoming deceitful judgements and the complexity of societal corruption. I completely agree with the second, however I think that overcoming deceitful judgments was not an extremely important part of the novel. Of course the main character, Trella, had to deal with trustworthy and untrustworthy people, however, it I don't think it was so important that it would be considered one of the main themes. I agree one hundred percent that the characters reflect the complexity of societal corruption. Julia thought the characters were really easy to relate to even though they lived in a completely different world. Though I thought the characters seemed like they could be real people I found it difficult to relate to Trella. This might possibly be because I'm only twelve and Trella's seventeen. I thought the author included some excellent foreshadowing about where the whole story took place. She added little questions such as "Why is Inside always heated?" and while they made you wonder I can't remember ever finding an answer to this question. 
     I thought the author, Maria V. Snyder, did exceptionally well when it came to new and different ideas. *I'd never read about a story that took place on a giant space ship*. I thought it was very creative and unique. Though Snyder did a good job of explaining most of the novel I got extremely confused when it came to the pipes and, what Trella calls, the Gap. This wouldn't have been as big a problem if Trella didn't spend so much time in the pipes but because the pipes of Inside are a very important to the novel it would have been better if you were able to understand where all the pipes were. I would have also liked to see more emotion throughout the story. Trella went through copious amounts of emotional situations and I think Snyder could have included more detail as to how she was feeling. There was a time in the book when Trella was tortured and of course she didn't like that but the author never went into more detail explaining how the experience changed Trella or if it compelled her to fight harder. I also think that because the novel was written in first person this would have been another excellent opportunity for Snyder to add more emotion and description into her writing. Overall I think Inside Out was a good read and it contained lots of unique and interesting ideas.

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  1. Wow your review is really well written however I think Snyder did a really good job at describing Trella's emotions in different situations why do you think there needed to be more detail regarding her emotions?