Monday, 8 April 2013

The House of the Scorpion

Dear Reader:
     For the third and final term of grade eight we'll be doing a novel study on House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer instead of book reviews, peer reviews, and vlogs. I'll eventually post one entry for the following literary elements:
    -Connections to the real world
    -Narrative structure
    -Film Study

Here's what I think: 
How do you feel about the new focus?
    I think a novel study is a good change from the lispiration we were doing before however I would be more excited if I knew more about what the book's about. I also really like how some parts will done in groups and others parts separately.

What are you most excited/nervous about?
    I'm excited to be able to work with 8.1 because there are new people and new ideas that come with new people. Like whenever I read a new book I'm excited to meet new characters and explore a new plot.

Here's the link to our House of the Scorpion blog: We'll be posting round table discussions of the novel and all lispiration challenges that we do.


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