Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thoughts So Far (Youth 0-6)

      The novel begins with the creation of the main character (Matteo Alacrán) who began life in a lab. For the first years of his life Matt lived in a poppy field with his caretaker, Celia. Matt had never left the house until one day three children (Emilia, Steven and María) find him. With a strong desire to meet the children Matt breaks a window and escapes however in the process he cuts himself very badly on the glass. While at the big house Matt learns he is a clone and immediately despised by everyone except María. Matt is thrown into a cell where he creates a kingdom filled with treasures but he'll never leave the cell as the same person he went in as.

     I really enjoyed how Matt created a kingdom with all of his treasures. It made his prison seem not so bad and instead it was like he almost enjoyed himself despite being a prisoner. Underneath the sawdust--and he knew exactly where--were caches of nutshells, bones, fruit and gristle (Pages 45 and 46). It said that the bones were like his dolls and I think little descriptions like this make Matt's prison seem like less of a prison and more of home in some ways. I think if Matt were older and he was in prison (about 12 or so) it would been very different to read about because he would look at things differently than a six year old.

      I also noticed that there were a couple of places in the book where Matt and Celia talk about the Virgin of Guadalupe and how every night they light the holy candle. It's also mentioned that no matter how tired Celia is she never neglects their bedtime ritual. I think this gives an idea of their beliefs, how they grew up and what other people believe that live in the area.

      So these are some of the things that I didn't manage to talk about as much in our second round table discussion which can be found here. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about the novel so far. :)

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