Thursday, 9 May 2013

Individual Post-Characterization

*Please note: this post is not without spoilers*
     The main character in the novel, The House of the Scorpion, was Matteo Alacrán otherwise known as Matt. I think the main antagonist of the novel was El Patron because throughout the novel Matt has to struggle to overcome the opinions of others because he's a clone. Originally I thought being a clone was the antagonist but then I thought that because El Patron wanted him to be created and had the scientist make Matt so it's El Patron's fault that Matt is a clone. There were several round characters in the novel including Matt, María, El Patron, and Tam Lin. Along with round characters there are flat characters including Rosa, Celia, Chacho, Ton-Ton etc.. As in nearly every story there are stock characters. Some of the stock characters in this novel included Celia, Tom, the doctor, eejits etc.. Here is my STEAL analysis for Matt.

S: As explained by the orphan boys befriended by Matt he's called an aristocrat due to the way he talks and how he's always thinking. "I don't know. It's how you talk, partly. And you're always thinking." (Farmer 288). From the way Matt talked the boys were able to figure out he was different but not in the way they expected.
T: As I said earlier Matt is called an aristocrat because he's always thinking. The boys at the orphanages just did their work and the book never mentioned that there were any escape attempts made in the past. From the moment Matt first arrived he was thinking about how to get to Maria and he would do whatever it took to get there.
E: As a clone most people (everyone but Maria, Celia, Tam Lin, and El Patron) despised him and thought of themselves as much better than Matt. It didn't matter that Matt was just as smart as anyone else or that he could the run the country of Opium just as well as Steven could. People kept their distance from Matt despite, as Tam Lin says, "No one can tell a difference between a clone and a human. That's because there isn't any difference. The idea of clones being inferior is a filthy lie." (Farmer 245) I think in the sequel (that should be coming out soon) that Matt is going to have a very big influence on everyone in the country of Opium as the leader.
A: It's clear throughout the novel that while Matt is a replica of El Patron he is his own person. For example Matt takes an interest to music and the novel specifically talks about how Matt plays the piono very well and how he sang and played the guitar for El Patron. There were also times in the novel where Matt would suggest something and it would be completely different than what El Patron would do. For example "Saint Francis says it's good to give stuff away to the poor." Matt suggested. The change that came over El Patron then was extraordinary. He drew himself up in the bed. His eyes flashed, and energy bubbled up from some unknown reservoir. "Give . . . things . . . away?" He cried in the voice of a man one hundred years younger. "Give things away? I can't believe I heard that! What have they been teaching you!" (Farmer 184)
L: I can't remember the book ever explaining exactly what Matt looked like probably because so much time passes from section to section. I imaged Matt to always have brown hair and blue eyes though I don't know why exactly.

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