Monday, 30 September 2013

Bamfield Paragraphs

      On Friday the all the grade nine students returned from our amazing trip to Bamfield Marine Sciences Center in British Columbia. We spent a week doing mainly science work however the evenings were dedicated to Humanities. Our teachers choose a short story called "The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon and the first few chapters of Cheryl Kaye Tardif's Whale Song. 
The Sea Devil
     From the fist paragraph I feel in love with Gordon's description. In a mere sentence he was able to convey beautiful images of the sea and right away I felt the main character's love of the sea. I also found that despite not knowing the main character's name or much else besides his love to fish and the ocean I felt that I knew him well and I wanted him to survive his encounter with the sea devil. There were two main foreshadowing events that occurred beginning with, in paragraph four, "He did not have to fish for a living, or even for food. He was a man who worked with his head, not with his hands." This came back to help the man after the climax because it was with the man's brains that he was able to his life. The second piece of foreshadowing was in the ninth paragraph, "Somewhere out in the channel a porpoise blew with a sound like steam escaping. The man smiled a little, porpoise were his friends were his friends," This proved to be true when the porpoise slapped the ray on it's back in an attempt to help the man escape. I think the theme of this short story is that brains are important, after all it's how the man saved himself when any other man would likely have died in this situation.
Whale Song

    From reading a lot of Danika V's writing including poems, short stories, descriptive paragraphs, etc. I found the first chapters of of Whale Song sounded very much like Danika's writing. The idea itself seemed like something Danika would think of then write. Anyways I was having a difficult time finding a theme because the excerpt we read didn't give enough of an idea about what the author was trying to convey. With so many chapters of the novel remaining any number of things could happen. It's possible the brother mystery could be a big part of the story or it could lead to something bigger. I assume, however, that whatever the theme may be it'll have to do with the ocean otherwise the author would have set the novel in a different area. The descriptions were also beautiful and, I found, very accurate particularly the descriptions of the forests as the were beautiful and majestic and so completely different from Alberta's forests. From the first several pages I was intrigued and I would be interested in reading the rest of the novel at some point.
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