Saturday, 26 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study

So as I mentioned earlier, this year I'm doing a novel study on the book The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles by Hala Jaber. After reading the first 20% of our novels we were asked to answer the following questions:

-What is the main issue being addressed in your novel?
I would say the main issue of the novel is war orphans. As a journalist Jaber travels to Bagdad to cover the coming war and on an assignment she meets Zahra a three year old girl. Also on the front cover of the novel the words "A woman's fight to save two orphans" leads me to believe that the main issue is orphans of war. 
-Why did you choose this piece for your project?

I wanted to read The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles because unlike some of the novels it seemed less graphic as I would image some of the choices such as A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah would be. I also thought that it would be a heart warming story despite the fact that so far in the novel there's been a lot of war. 
-What background knowledge do you already possess on this issue?
Absolutely none. 
-What questions do you have as you begin to read?

There were several times throughout the first twenty percent of the novel that Jaber mentioned little pieces of her Arab culture and I would be interested in learning more about it. 
-What characters/players have been introduced so far?

In the first three pages I was introduced to Zahra and Hawra and learned of how they became orphans. After that they were mentioned very little and the focus of the novel turned to Hala Jaber as she struggled to have a child and as she worked as a journalist in the war raved country. 

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