Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post #7: Exploring Empathy

For our seventh GINS Post we were given an amount of time to free write from the perspective of the main player/character in our various novels. Here's what I wrote from the perspective of Hala Jaber the author of The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles:
     I’ve been in Iraq reporting for a month now and in all my time here the fear I first felt upon landing has yet to dissipate. At night I lie awake terrified the hotel will be in ruins when I wake and me, only a body. Everyday I continue to travel around the city and neighboring area in search of a good story. From the moment I set out from the hotel in the morning to the time I return at night my heart beats faster than I thought imaginable but I know I am safer where I am than others. I worry for the children who have been left alone in this harsh world without anyone to love and care for them. When I went to a nearby hospital this afternoon I heard the cries of motherless children that sent shivers down my spine. I had to turn and leave the hospital for a moment because I felt so overwhelmed with powerlessness. I write about the events occurring here and let everyone in the UK know what is going on but I feel like it is never enough. Words are only made of twenty six letters that form sentences and paragraphs but in the end words are only twenty six letters. In the distance I hear a bomb and I know the time has come to put down my pen and go through another sleepless night. 

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